Reader Comment: City of Vero Beach residents are at a crossroads

Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson

I have lived in Vero Beach since 1937. I presently reside just outside the Vero Beach city limits and have since 1969. It is hard to conceive how anyone with half a brain could possibly suggest that the Vero Beach City Council could even consider selling the Indian River Shores Florida Power & Light customers at a price less than that recommended by experts whose responsibility is to represent the city and advise them on a very complicated subject. It is even harder to conceive how people living outside the city believe they have the obligation and responsibility to influence the election of council members. It is not hard to conceive how the Indian River Shores “Team” would act to the detriment of the residents of Vero Beach, the very persons they have sworn to represent.  As others have so aptly stated, city residents are at a crossroads. May they take the proper direction. On another matter, after all FPL has done and is doing (PRESS JOURNAL and 32963) to take over Vero Electric (by hook or crook?) it appears to me that with FPL’s proposed rate increase and Vero Beach working to lower (again) rates the difference in rates will soon be minimal. I hope that as a customer of Vero Electric I NEVER have to call FPL when my power goes off. The hurricanes of 2004 and the present speedy service convince me.

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  1. Once the experts hired by the city to come up with a fair selling price for the proposed partial sale to Indian River Shores, responsible councilmen had no other choice but to present a counter offer of $47 million based on the hard facts and figures of the study. We must be alert for those running for a council seat who will pander for votes and political benefit. Who should we believe the experts or the politicians? My intellect says believe the experts.

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