Historic Dodgertown participates in Hurricane Matthew recovery effort


dodgertownHistoric Dodgertown is proud to open its doors to some local heroes. In place of baseball greats staying in the on-property hotel villas, contract electrical workers and tree trimming crews have been boarding here from past dark to before dawn, so they can remain local and get to the business at hand of restoring power and clearing roadways as quickly as possibly following Hurricane Matthew. 

Historic Dodgertown has always opened its doors to assist the City and County in times of need, and is again part of the unified effort for what benefits Vero Beach’s residents, businesses and visitors.

“The City of Vero Beach has had a long term relationship with Dodgertown, now known as Historic Dodgertown,” said James R. O’Connor, City Manager for the City of Vero Beach. “Craig Callan, Vice President of Historic Dodgertown, has been an integral part of the management of Historic Dodgertown for more than 35 years, and he has always been a great supporter of our community.  Most people don’t realize the important role they played in the City of Vero Beach’s hurricane recovery process in 2004 and most recently with Hurricane Matthew.”

Historic Dodgertown’s 80-acre property includes 89 hotel villa rooms with plenty of unobstructed parking for the crew trucks. The workers started checking in Friday night, and will remain in town until the job is complete.

“At a time when hotel rooms are at a premium Historic Dodgertown has provided our out-of-town electrical and tree trimming crews rooms at their facility,” O’Connor said. “Historic Dodgertown is strategically located to our Transmission and Distribution facility which reduces travel to our site.  

“Historic Dodgertown continues to be a great partner for the City of Vero Beach.  Every year we hope a hurricane won’t impact our community, but if one does it is good to know we can always depend on Historic Dodgertown to support our needs.” 

Historic Dodgertown is pleased to be part of the solution and values its relationship with the City of Vero Beach and Indian River County. This partnership began in 1948 when the Brooklyn Dodgers moved their Spring Training camp to Vero Beach. For 60 years, the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers called Vero Beach their spring home. The Dodgers trained at Dodgertown through 2008.

Today, Historic Dodgertown welcomes more than 1,000 youth and adult sports teams each year for training and tournaments, in the sports of baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and rugby. Annually, more than 16,000 hotel rooms citywide and countywide are booked just from Historic Dodgertown business alone. In addition to sporting events, Historic Dodgertown hosts numerous meetings, conferences, reunions and other private gatherings in the hotel and conference center.

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