Weakening Vero Beach would have negative consequences for the larger community


To the Editor:

First, let me say, I am a property owner in the Shores.  And, the upcoming Vero Beach Council elections are developing into a Shores vs. Vero election, with a threat of the Shores candidates possibly overwhelming the Vero candidates, thus assuming control of the Vero Council.

But, the voters need to put this into perspective.  Will the consequences of the election results potentially affect only Shores electrical rates, or have a far wider impact on our entire economic area?  The Shores is able to exist only because it receives its critical business and service support from the Vero Beach area.  Even Indian River County, for the most part, depends on the critical mass of Vero Beach.  Remove a strong Vero Beach from the equation and the Shores, and even the County become hollow entities. 

As much as I would like to receive a potentially lower electrical rate, anything that would weaken the Vero Beach centered interests of its City Council would weaken the entire area, the area upon which I depend for support.  It would dilute the single minded purpose of the Vero Beach Council to maintain a strong and vibrant Vero Beach. 

Thomas L. Gruber

Editor’s note: On Sept. 24, The above letter to the editor was submitted by the author to the Press Journal and to TCPalm.com.  The editors at the Press Journal have since published several letters supporting the proposed partial sale of Vero Electric’s Shores customers to Florida Power and Light, but they have, to date, chosen not to publish Mr. Gruber’s letter. The Press Journal has also yet to report on significant contributions Shores residents are making to the campaigns of three Vero Beach City Council candidates in a clear attempt affect the outcome of  Vero Beach’s current municipal election. Bob Brunjes, publisher of the Press Journal, is married to FPL vice president, Amy Brunjes.


  1. I am extremely thankful that all citizens in Indian River Shores are not like its leadership.
    They appear to be power hungry and want to make all decisions for everyone.
    Why not get cheaper electricity the ethical way? Settle the city’s comtractual obligations first and then move on when our plate is clean. We all want cheaper electricity, etc. There is an honest way to have this happen.
    This country has more than enough division. It is to our advantage to work for the betterment of this wonderful place we call home.
    Jean E. Bass

  2. Yes, this Vero Beach election is a fight Between Vero and Indian River Shores. The question is do we want Indian River Shores making decisions that are rightly up to the residents of Vero to make. Do we want the mayor and council of IRS making Vero decisions. I think not. If Sykes, Wells and Moss are elected that is just what will happen. When the majority of their campaign funds come from Indian River Shores ,who will they be listening to ? Accepting these monies puts them in debt to IRS, not the Vero resident who they should be representing. They know if they follow IRS orders, there will be even more Campaign funding in two years when they seek re-election. Beware Vero !

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