Reader Comment: Indian River County does not need ‘pot shops’

The City of Vero Beach has recently lowered their electric utility rates, effective October 15, 2016. With FPL signaling a significant increase in their electric utility rates over the next three years, Indian River Shores Vero Beach electric utility users, of which I am one, should cease their efforts to get FPL electric. Frankly folks, it just isn’t going to happen – The Public Service Commission has exclusive and superior rights in territorial agreements, which cannot be easily modified or changed – The Supreme Court of Florida has already handed down a decision on this issue.

One more important thing!! Please vote note “no” on Amendment 2 which would legalize so- called, “medical marijuana.” I’ve read Amendment 2, and it will lead to “pot shops” in Indian River County should it pass. I KID YOU NOT! THERE ARE THOSE WHO LIVE HERE WHO ARE JUST WAITING FOR THIS AMENDMENT TO PASS, SO THEY CAN OPEN UP SHOP AND PROFIT BY IT! It is heart-breaking to witness this. –


Caroline Ginn

Editor’s note: Caroline Ginn is a former Vero Beach City Council member, and a former member of the Indian River County Commission.


  1. I am totally for medical marijuana for those who are in need of something less toxic than current prescription drugs for their severe ailments. Would the writer be against medical marijuana if it were available only in pharmacies? We managed to control those pain med. clinics here and I believe the County has taken steps to control the placement of medical marijuana shops. I am not for ‘recreational’ use/availability but for those who are suffering from conditions/diseases not helped adequately by on-the-market, overpriced drugs, I can ‘feel’ for them.

  2. I agree with Cathy. Anytime I see ads dramatizing the legal use of medical marijuana I know the person in question hasn’t done their homework about how it is really used and dispensed to the public. I realize they are living in fear of anything new they don’t really understand.

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