Young issues report on ‘work in progress’

Editor’s note: Under the heading “Tony’s News and Views,” Vero Beach City Councilman Col. Tony Young today issued an update and report on the actions and direction he sees the Council taking in 2017.  Following is Young’s email report is reprinted in full.


Col. Tony Young
Col. Tony Young

Welcome to my initial offering! This is one manner for me to express subjects that are currently on my radar. It is critical for you to periodically learn of the work I am doing on your behalf. These updates will serve as a means for me to reflect on observations and priorities that stem from my work as part of the City Council. These are my views and are not official record or positions. This will be a conduit for my personal ideas and serves to facilitate productive dialog in the coming year.

2017 is in full swing! Since Election Day, several City Council Meetings and a couple Special Call meetings have already been completed. Yes, I have enjoyed being a City Council Member. And, I am pleased that I have already contributed in a small measure to our community. This business is a collective effort. I have learned from all of my fellow members. In addition, the City Staff has been of great support as I get my feet on the ground. My phone, email and office are operational. My door located on the west hallway is always open. The City is now center stage on my calendar.

It is apparent what has been paramount for the Council. The City Electric has taken the lion’s share of the effort preholiday and post. In the interval, the partial sale has been advanced. My focus has been to support a deliberate approach. Each component, like obtaining legal expertise, should be completed in keeping with our duty to serve the interests of our residents. That has been accomplished. When appropriate, I have dissented. I respect the decision of the majority.

In the course of the last two months, I have promoted the necessity for discussion beyond City Electric. It is imperative that the oxygen not to be sucked out of the room by a solitary issue. The Council has begun to examine a vision for our city. The vision is a foundation for budgetary decisions. The time horizon must extend beyond a year. We advance by a collaborative effort that capitalizes upon opportunities and proactively responds to anticipated risks. Externals are factored into the equation.

One additional priority has been a personal effort. That is serving the local veteran community. We enjoy a tremendous base of support in Indian River County. The City has a rich legacy of service to the nation. The anniversary of Pearl Harbor or the surprise return of a family’s stolen war medals is reason to pause. Honoring the patriots that built our nation will build the character of home we seek for the generations to come.

Colonel Young

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