An open letter to the Press Journal’s Adam Neal, Larry Reisman, Colleen Wixon

Colleen, Larry, Adam:

As Laura Moss continues to assert authority not given her by the City Charter, things at City Hall are heating up and may soon be out of control. I hope you are paying attention, for when the press does not fulfill its responsibilities autocrats can get away with all kinds of unreasonable and irresponsible acts.

As I trust you are aware, Vero Beach does not have a strong-mayor form of government, and certainly, at least until now, has not been governed by an autocrat.

Given the current tension between Finance Commission Chairman Glen Brovont and Mayor Moss, it should be remembered that Borvont was first appointed by Pilar Turner, and was recently re-appointed by Moss. He is by no means among the so-called opponents of the proposed power sale.

Surely you will recall when, a number of years ago, then councilwoman Tracy Carroll went before the Marine Commission telling them what advice she wanted to receive from the board.  Why have independent citizen advisory boards and commissions, if members of the City Council are going to instruct them what to think. Moss is now taking Carroll’s brand of manipulation to another level.  

So far, your newspaper has failed to report on the building tension at City Hall.  Similarly, during the fall elections the Press Journal never reported on the unprecedented level of outside money that poured into the campaign accounts of Laura Moss and Lange Sykes. Not offering commentary on the attempt by Indian River Shores residents and Florida Power and Light to influence the outcome of Vero Beach’s municipal election is one thing, but failing to report the facts is quite another. Freedom of the press is a public trust, and thus it is both a right and a responsibility. That cherished freedom is given, not for your commercial benefit or convenience, but in order that the public will have access to the information needed to cast informed votes.

Again, please pay attention to what is happening at City Hall. You have a job to do!


Mark Schumann


  1. Perhaps it is pressure from some of the newspaper’s advertisers that is causing the silence. If that is the case, it is hoped there will be a day soon when bucking adversity for the sake of truth and honor will once again prevail.

  2. If they are caving to advertisers, that’s as unconscionable as letting Bob Brunjes’ clear conflict of interest influencing the newspaper’s coverage.

  3. Mark, do you think Dian George would be willing to start whatever action is necessary for all of us city residents to combat Moss? I, for one, would be glad to help with whatever is necessary to reign in Moss. I think that she thinks she is above the law. Eleanor Moulton

  4. At first glance some might think that Moss is a strong leader, however she is just following orders delivered from here wealthy backers from Indian River Shores. On her present high handed course she will be a one term councilwoman.

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