Councilman Young looking ahead to April 17 visioning meeting

Editor’s note: In a regular newsletter titled, “Tony’s News and Views,” Vero Beach City Councilman Tony Young issued the following update March 29.


It has been way too long! We have lots to catch up on. First, I am still grateful to serve you and this great city. Yesterday was an example of what motivates me. Patriot the Palomino was returned to Pocahontas Park. Todd Biron restored the icon after it was damaged in the past hurricane. He and his wife, Julie, along with Ron Smith were aided by the city crew to place it back on the pedestal. And, I learned from another that it was first at the Palomino Hotel in Ft Pierce. This is vintage Vero!

The Council continues focusing on our community vision. It is, “Vero Beach … the crown jewel of the Treasure Coast.” The intent of the City Council and the City Staff is to help achieve that goal. You, though, are truly the means to make this real. And, that was demonstrated by your tremendous showing in support of the lagoon restoration and the Dodgertown property sale dialog. That enthusiasm and commitment is the glue of Vero. It was seen also in the support of the Graves Family purchase of the ball fields north of Vero Beach High School. Municipal partnering with organizations and citizens is essential. You see it happening with Michael Field. That will be the means to address many efforts.

Please understand my appreciation for the commissions and committees that serve our home. These men and women are unsung heroes in my eyes. Whether it is the Historic Preservation or Recreation Commission or another, they are a complementary set of minds that examine issues in their expertise and assist the City of Vero Beach. We could not afford the skill-set they offer at no charge. Our challenge is to recognize that supplemental fire power, engage it, and acknowledge their dedication.

What lies ahead? The effort to sell Vero Beach Electric continues. Stay engaged. The devil is in the details. We will and you should ask the tough questions. The measure of success will be determined by the final agreement’s ability to accomplish two goals: provide the best deal for the ratepayer and not hamstring the home we love. To that end I am dedicated.

Here are other near term items: 1. Look to the next Vision Meeting on April 17. What issues are on your radar? The agenda will include commercial districts and neighborhoods. 2. Consider the Lagoon Legacy initiative. We need to find ways to act now. 3. The budget season is upon us. Vero Beach consists of our residents and guests, our wonderful location and our quality life. Preserving our special “sense of place” makes us who we are.

Colonel Young

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