Vacation rental bill advances over Miami-Dade, beach cities’ objections



Editor’s note: Just when we thought our quiet residential neighborhoods were protected with strong local ordinances regulating short term rentals, the State Legislature is fast tracking House and Senate bills that would abolish local control over the issue.


  1. I am president of Black swan consulting,and I am also a builder and developer in this county for over 20 years ,I am a local guy
    I also co chaired the short term vacation rental committee
    1st let me address the Burt Harris threat ,I am very familiar with it ,it is not that easy to win and it is very costly,I have used it as leverage in the past as a developer ,and I have fought against it
    2nd I am 100 percent in favor of home rule ,and believe that is the best way to protect our lifestyle
    3rd preserving rights works both ways ,a person should be able to do with his property what he is legally permitted to do do ,but people living in residential neighborhoods ,should have there rights protected also.
    In closing I have built 11 subdivisions in this county ,and represented more. I wrote most of my own docs ,for my Hoa s and have been president of all at one time or another ,and still am on some ,a strong HOA is a good way to protect your way of life in your neighborhood ,now you can’t do it after the fact but upfront it will stand legally for example in one of my developement s it says you can rent your home 1 time and it must be for a minimum of 1 year ,I have upheld that and have never lost a challenge against it .
    My opinion short term vacation rentals ,should not be permitted in single family residential I would allow it in multi family ,and commercial ,
    A short explanation
    Joseph Paladin

  2. Sounds reasonable, Mr. Paladin. Home rule is better than having someone way off telling us we must conform to whatever is being allowed in Tampa, Daytona Beach, Kissimmee, Key Largo, and all the little towns and all the great big cities.

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