Col. Tony Young: Believe In Vero!

Editor’s note: Vero Beach City Council member Col. Tony Young issues regular updates on the work of the Council and on events happening in Vero Beach. Young released the update April 14.

Col. Tony Young

Passover, Easter Time: This week is abbreviated. Most government offices are closed tomorrow. Please take the opportunity to celebrate one of our basic liberties: Religious Freedom! Having served where that is denied, I realize we should all appreciate the privilege to practice any faith or not. Vero Beach is rich in the spiritual realm. Our houses of worship manifest the faiths we hold dear. These days are numbered so let’s use them wisely.

Monday is the second special-call meeting to address our City Vision. It is essential to look ahead and express our desires. We understand constraints. Businesses and families deal with limited means as a norm. But, goals are guideposts of life. Without them, our efforts are disjointed, and hap stance. These discussions help drive decisions. The process is the key. Along the way, we will adjust course. We can find resources, reduce our appetite, extend the horizon, or realign priorities. All are variables in the mix. Visions are part of all dynamic organizations.

I am continually impressed with our community. Last weekend was the Hibiscus Festival, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the Nina & Pinta port call. Attached are a few photos. You can understand why people fall in love with Vero Beach and Indian River County. It is a joy to walk downtown and peruse the vendors and merchants. The beach makes a wonderful venue for an egg hunt. And, the lagoon is a siren for all the coastal mariners. Simple pleasures, like pancake breakfasts, bring us small town appeal. Thanks Pilot Club! They exemplify the strength of character that underpins our social network. Another local star is the Buggy Bunch. They meet the special needs of our young moms beautifully. Its new location downtown is perfect. Collaborative action magnifies the impact on any effort. Let’s build upon that momentum for our future.

My motto, “Believe in Vero!” is more than just words. In my heart, I can sense the zeal so many of us feel for our passions that shape Vero Beach. Look around and you will confirm my assessment. It is who we are. Nothing comes easy and we are stymied at times. But persevere, our families are watching. Just as Jackie Robinson kept to his purpose so must we. You teach me. I try my best to listen and learn. The men and women that dedicate their talent and time to build the future of this acreage by the sea are heroes.

Colonel Young

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