Council elects Howle mayor, Sykes vice-mayor


Harry Howle – Vero Beach’s new mayor
Vice-Mayor Lange Sykes

During its organizational meeting this morning, the Vero Beach City Council chose new leadership for the coming year. Second-term Councilman Harry Howle was elected by his fellow Council members to a one-year terms as mayor. Lange Sykes, who is beginning his second year on the Council, was elected vice-mayor.

Outgoing mayor Laura Moss had let it be know she would like to serve a second term, but she was not nominated for the position, not even by herself.

Acting on a recommendation from new Council member, Val Zudans, the Council today decided to do away with daytime meetings. All meetings will now be held at night.

Zudans argued – successfully – that with three of five Council members working full time, including himself, meetings should not be held during the work day.

City Attorney Wayne Coment’s caution that the move should first be advertised as an agenda item. City Clerk Tammy Bursick said she did not have the budget to pay the necessary employees to work the extra evening hours.

Despite these concerns, Zudans’ motion passed 4-1, with Councilman Tony Young opposing change.


  1. Do they know that they are elected to SERVE people and not to make the decisions that are convenient for them.

  2. Alla, This election, and the one last year, was lever about the people. It was all about securing a Council majority that will serve teh interests of Florida Power and Light and Indian River Shores residents.

  3. Those who serve on the Council have, until now, been able to handle their work and their service on Council. Mr. Zudans knew when he took on the candidacy for City Council that he would either have to change his surgery day (mentioned as Tuesday in a newspaper article) or miss about half the meetings. Maybe he should quit and let the next person in # of votes assume his seat, instead of changing the hours to suit him.

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