‘Your Call Football” now on at Historic Dodgertown


Your Call Football is an innovative approach to football where fans get to call the plays. Live action games – with pro players – is taking place right here at Historic Dodgertown. Fans are welcome to attend the games, and admission and parking are free.

The LIVE games will take place May 3, 10 and 17, beginning at 8:30 p.m. (EDT), and will be broadcast via the Your Call Football app, on YouTube, or at YourCallFootball.com. The two teams are coached by Mike Sherman and Merril Hoge.

For anyone wishing to watch or play Your Call Football, here are a few options by which to enjoy the game.

1.    LIVE at Historic Dodgertown – come on out to watch the live action!  Sit in the bleacher seats at Field #1 and you’ll be right on the sidelines. Admission and parking are free. Please enter off 26th Street and park next to Holman Stadium for easy access to Field #1.

2.    Download the app – to watch the game and call the plays. The app needs to be downloaded from the link above, or respective Apple or Google Play stores.  As each down is completed, three options will pop up on the screen so fans can select the next play. Fans have about 10 seconds to cast their vote. The play receiving the most votes will be called in to the coach, who then signals it in to the quarterback.

3.    YouTube – to view the game only without play-calling activity. Click on YouTube and search “Your Call Football” to get the broadcast, or click here for the direct link.

4.    YourCallFootball.com/live – to view the game only without play-calling activity.

The multi-patented technology allows for near zero-latency, so the game moves quickly. Prizes will be offered for fans playing the game.

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