Camp Haven gets a fresh new look

Publix employees recently volunteered to help give Camp Haven a fresh look.


Camp Haven got a fresh new look with a little help from some friends. More than 80 Publix employees donned work gloves and rolled up their sleeves in support of the 22 residents working to improve their lives through Camp Haven’s program as part of Publix Serves Day.

Greg Rogolino, Publix Supermarket area manager, visited Camp Haven the day before the community service work day and congratulated the residents for their decision to make better lives for themselves. Rogolino spoke of John Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership and how they helped him grow through the Publix culture of passion for customer service and values.

Rogolino suggested the men find their purpose in life, stretch their maximum potential and sow seeds that benefit others. Publix Serves Day is an example of how the supermarket’s employees put their words into actions.

Publix associates from Indian River County spent the day volunteering at various locations in the community, helping with projects to further the initiatives promoted by Publix: feeding and housing the homeless, children and families.

At Camp Haven, Publix employees painted, built a pagoda/meditation center, trimmed bushes, cleaned up the grounds and even brightened things up by painting a Publix green runner on the sidewalk.

“There was a big difference after our friends from Publix worked to make Camp Haven a home,” said Lalita Janke, Camp Haven executive director. “I was amazed at how the Publix staff gave up their time and how well-coordinated they were as they helped us to give Camp Haven a facelift.” “They functioned like a well-oiled machine. Each group focused on a different area of the property.” Said Camp Haven board chair Brian Korkus.

“A clean and pleasant environment influences one’s mood, impacts behavior and the motivation to act, facilitates positive interactions, and reduces stress and promotes healing. The work done by Publix associates will have far-reaching benefits. Thank you Publix!” said Lalita Janke, Camp Haven executive director.

“Camp Haven provides an opportunity for homeless men to regain employment, independence and dignity through their Pathways to a Purposeful Life program,” said Dale Jacobs, Grand Harbor Community Outreach Program, Inc. president. “The Grand Harbor Community Outreach Program has funded Camp Haven and this program since its founding in 2014, and we are pleased to be their partner supporting this important community organization. They provide a very valuable service to the homeless men in our county.” For more information about Camp Haven, visit

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  1. Is there a time limit for these guys to get a job? Hope so. When I had my taxi i picked up a lot of homeless men who were ashamed they weren’t working and trying very hard to get work but others had no intention to do so

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