We are all on Piper’s team in spite of, well, read on



Competing in the general aviation aircraft business is tough enough, but Piper is now faced with another challenge not of its making. The government of the Kingdom of Brunei, Piper’s owner since 2011, announced on April 3 that the country will stone to death any citizens caught committing adultery or having gay sex. Fortunately, none of Piper’s employees, customers or suppliers will need to worry (unless, of course, any of them are citizens of Brunei living in that country). As Brunei hurtles headlong into the 14th century, we as Americans only need worry about a spouse’s wrath if caught committing adultery. America’s LBGTQ community though still has a way to go for general acceptance, but I doubt Brunei will be on any of their travel itineraries for the time being.


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