Fraudulent driver’s license renewal reported in Indian River County


The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Tax Collector of Indian River County are warning drivers of fraudulent activity associated with online renewal of driver’s licenses. Tax Collector Carole Jean Jordan stated, “We have had seven cases reported to us, where drivers learned that their home address had been changed in the online database to reflect an address in South Florida.” Based on the information received at this time, this activity appears to be associated with other forms of fraud including identity theft and credit card fraud. Drivers are reporting being notified that their driver’s license was renewed or updated when they never requested a renewal or update. Jordan stated, “If you receive a letter from the state, please contact our office for assistance. We will be glad to help.”

 Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar stated, “We want to warn the public of this problem. If you suspect fraudulent activity on your driver’s license, please contact both the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office and the Tax Collector’s Office. This problem appears to be happening at the state level, as other law enforcement agencies around the state have had similar reports.”

 Additionally, you may contact the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Fraud Section at or 1-850-617-2405.

They can also be reached online at their website

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