Clean Water Coalition targets human waste disposal…problems and solutions


With 900 new residents moving into Florida every day, disposal of human waste is a growing problem throughout our State.    Water quality testing has shown human waste to be a primary source of pollution in our waters.    The Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County (CWC) will explore solutions to the human waste challenge on Thursday, October 17th,, at 7 PM at the Emerson Center, Vero Beach.

Vincent Burke, Director of Indian River County Utilities, will explain the County’s comprehensive plan to expand the municipal  sewage treatment system, ie; which neighborhoods are prioritized and why;  County laws regulating sewer for new developments;  and projected costs, grants and time frames.

Roxanne Groover, Executive Director of the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association, will present information regarding nitrogen -reducing technologies that treat human waste on site rather than transporting the waste to municipal sewer treatment facilities.  Some of these technologies have been in use in other areas for years and have proven reliable.  Three of these technologies will have demonstration areas for citizens to observe.

The Clean Water Coalition is a volunteer, non profit organization whose mission is to restore the waters of Indian River County.   It currently partners with over 550 businesses and local organizations who share this mission.    An update of CWC’s water initiatives will be presented at the October 17th meeting which is open to its partners and the general public.

For more information contact VP Judy Orcutt at or call 772-559-5140

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