Thoughts about the upcoming VB City Council election



After two years of an antagonistic relationship between Vero Beach City Council and the citizens it is supposed to serve, one might think this “post traumatic stress election” would strike fervor in the hearts of voters. But alas, it has instead met with an enthusiastic wave of indifference. Voter turnout is historically lowest in an off-year election, and this year there is barely a pulse among the City’s electorate.

Yes, we still have major issues to deal with, first among them what to do for the struggling Indian River Lagoon. Then City Council must (may) decide on a plan for Three Corners properties. Oh, and don’t forget the beach parking problem and infrastructure issues (Leisure Square and the City Marina among them).

But none of the eight candidates seem to be a lightning rod for or against dealing with any of these issues. If you look at their campaign contributions you can understand why so few yard signs are up around town (unless that changes this week) – no Super-PACs, no groundswell of small donors, but primarily personal checks from the candidates themselves, or in the case of Brian Heady, God love him, nothing but pure grit.

One thing is certain – two of these eight candidates will be determining Vero’s future for the next several years. One or both could be responsible for positive changes in our quality of life or the opposite. Then you can say “I wish I had voted.”

Once again, the candidates are:

Brian Heady website (none)


Bob McCabe website


Nick Thomas website


John E. Cotugno website


Jeff Nall website


Rey Neville website


Joe Graves website


Estelle Panagakos website (none)772-494-3039

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