Bea Gardner at VB Book Center November 12


Bea Gardner presents Bring It On…We’re In Our 70’s

Tuesday, November 12th at 4 pm

bea-gardner-presents-bring-it-on-were-in-our-70s.jpgThis book is about the lives of the lucky ones who are experiencing life during their 70s. Nobody likes being called a senior citizen or being pegged as a golden ager, old fogey, old-timer or an old fart and the author tries to put these monikers to rest in her book about septuagenarians. Hundreds of interviews are laced together to give the reader a glimpse of the lucky ones who are living between the ages of 70-80. If you are a septuagenarian you probably remember playing hopscotch and mumblety-peg and the landing on the moon. Gardner asked the persons interviewed what they feared the most and are they still working? Their answers to these questions are all over the place. If you are an early septuagenarian you would be considered a “baby boomer” and if you were born from the mid 20s to about 1945 you would carry the moniker of “silent generation”. No matter who won the presidential election of 2016 the country would have a septuagenarian as POTUS. People interviewed could remember the words to the songs from the fifties but did not know the words to any current music. Most could remember psychedelic art but could not remember where they put their keys. Bea Gardner is sure you will enjoy each chapter in the book as much as she enjoyed writing about this milestone in her life and the lives of the people she interviewed.

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