Celestial navigation & wellness workshops at ELC


Attached is some information on some of the classes geared to adults at the ELC!

Celestial Navigation:

Ever wondered how explorers used the stars to help them find their way? During this four week workshop for adults, we will explore the tried-and-true techniques of ancient and modern explorers who used the stars to navigate. Classes are Thursdays from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. starting on February 6 until February 27. The fee of $125 covers all four workshops, planisphere and a DIY sextant kit. Bug spray is encouraged.

Learn More: https://www.discoverelc.org/celestial-navigation

Wellness Workshops:

Unplug and reconnect to the natural world. Look for the beauty of nature and find yourself in the reflection. Modern life brings noise from all directions—under all of this clamor, nature is speaking to us.

Our Wellness Workshops guide you through the process of reconnecting to nature to find yourself. You will learn self-care techniques to relax and re-energize through our natural environment.  A community of like-minded individuals and new friends awaits you here at the ELC! Workshops are held on each Saturday for one month.  Join us for one or all four.

Each day will cover a different element of nature, mind-body practices and outdoor activities. We collaborate with experienced instructors and guides to offer you a unique program.  A light breakfast and healthy lunch is included each day.

Learn More: https://www.discoverelc.org/wellness

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