Are you ready to jump into the deep end?



Vero Beach City Councilman Joe Graves hired an investigative reporter to get the facts about the coronavirus and based on her findings, Councilman Graves encouraged people to step out of isolation and take a deep dive into the economy. Although inspirational, I think most people will judge for themselves whether they want to risk exposing themselves or others to this disease for which there is no cure at this time and is known to explode in populations that thought they were immune.

For instance, Sweden’s ‘herd immunity’ has still produced 22,000 known infections and 2600 deaths, or more than 12 percent. Russia, one of the first to brag about its low infection rate despite taking few precautions now has 112,000 cases with a 10 percent death rate.

This is not to say we will even come close to these percentages, but we still need to watch out for ourselves, our families and our neighbors. I went to Target yesterday wearing my face mask, but about half the other customers were not wearing face masks or keeping a respectful distance from other shoppers. Maybe they believed the danger was over or maybe they thought there never was a danger in the first place. But they are being careless with others who instead take seriously the warnings of respected health officials, or possibly know people who have suffered and died from this disease.

While many of us are anxious for life to return to normal, I know business owners, employees and potential customers are not going to suddenly shift into herd immunity mode. They are going to “put their toe in the water,” so to speak. Swimming in the deep end will take longer. Just keep in mind that it takes at least five days before any signs of infection show up and two more weeks of isolation if you are around anyone who does become infected.


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