Fact-checking ‘Plandemic’: A documentary full of false conspiracy theories about the coronavirus (Politifact)

By Daniel FunkeMay 7, 2020

If you’ve been on social media in the past two days, there’s a good chance you’ve seen someone share “Plandemic: The Hidden Agenda Behind COVID-19,”  a 26-minute video about the coronavirus pandemic.

The video is a deep dive into conspiracy theories about COVID-19, public health and the pharmaceutical industry. It discusses Dr. Anthony Fauci’s efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic during the 1980s and Bill Gates’ support of vaccination efforts around the world. Read the rest of this article from Politifact here.

IR Guardian Editor’s note:

We are all concerned about doing the right thing for our families during these trying times and want the correct answers to our questions about the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, we must deal with right and left media, health experts and politician extremes (as well as social media claims) while just trying to weather the onslaught of often contradictory information. During these uncertain times, we will only publish information and news from independently credible sources, such as Politifact and the Associated Press. If these articles disagree with your normal sources of information, then don’t read it, but don’t complain about it either.


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