Indian River County: 342 new cases, 8 new deaths in one week



Care required for one COVID-19 patient as Dr. Callahan explained at Tuesday’s City Council meeting (photo courtesy of Forbes magazine)

NOTE: I apologize for miscounting the new deaths this past week. There are 342 new cases however, and eight deaths is eight too many when the disease curve can be flattened here as it has in so many other cities, counties and countries.

How many have to die before the City and County take action to require face masks?

If this frightens you, it should. Private businesses are taking action when our elected government officials (who are responsible for our safety) cannot. By and large, most citizens are wearing at least some form of face covering when they are in public. At Tuesday morning’s City Council meeting, emotions in the City Hall lobby area neared a boiling point when apparently a maskless woman coughed in the face of another citizen wearing a mask.

This pandemic has nothing to do with an individual’s liberty if it poses a threat to others, especially when one individual purposely threatens another. Coughing in someone’s face is a threat and should call for that person’s arrest, not a claim of personal rights.

Fortunately, people concerned with their fellow citizens far outnumbers those who do not and wearing a mask is just that – showing concern for your fellow citizens. As the number of “maskless multitudes” shrink, they seem to be growing more hostile, as are some people wearing masks. This is not the Indian River County I know and love, where we used to care about each other and the common good. Just in the past week, hundreds of comments about face masks on this site and others have been reduced to personal attacks. People opposed to masks are not going to change their minds so there is no point in trying to convince them otherwise.

There was one incident in the news yesterday of a woman being escorted off a Delta Airlines flight for refusing to wear a mask. The remaining passengers applauded as she left. We do not need to confront these thoughtless people. They are growing more out of touch with each passing daily death toll.





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  1. Elected officials are NOT in charge of out safety… more garbage reporting and fear mongering

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