Can we chill about Hydroxychloroquine?



This is me (on the right) in happier days when I could travel anywhere in the world.

I realize we don’t have much to talk about forced to stay home for months because of the coronavirus and now a “faux” hurricane, so I guess arguing about Hydroxychloroquine is a popular way to pass the time.

But arguing about Hydroxychloroquine is like arguing about the weather – everyone complains but no one can do anything about it. At least everyone is watching weather reports the last few days. But with Hydroxy (I’m abbreviating because it takes to long to write it out) half of you are getting fired up watching Fox and the other half getting fired up watching MSNBC. Yes, I do put my faith in the scientific evidence, but as I see it, the argument is academic and not worthy of a cerebral hemorrhage.

As I mentioned in one post, this reminds me of the Medieval argument where people were put to death for believing the earth revolved around the sun rather than accepted dogma that the sun and entire solar system revolved around the earth. I hope we don’t reach that point with Hydroxy and face masks. So here is some advice for both sides of the argument:

If you are in the anti-Hydroxy camp, it is only because you have family, neighbors, friends and Facebook friends who are all fired up about it, so you are also fired up. I just hope that a long awaited vaccine is available before we turn Vero into another Portland.

If you are in the pro-Hydroxy camp, I understand your passion, but please chill. My medical advice comes from my doctor, not talk shows or social media. Sometimes I admit I do google symptoms of some disease and get all worked up about them only to have my doctor tell me, “Milt, you’ve been googling, haven’t you?” After my visit and a few tests, my fears are calmed and I go on with my life.

I would recommend that since you folks are so insistent that everything you have seen or read proves Hydroxy is a cure, you should do the same thing – go to your doctor. That assumes you think you have COVID-19 symptoms (everyone over two years old must know the symptoms by now). If you don’t have symptoms, tell your doctor you have malaria. (Oh, maybe not, because the symptoms are quite similar.)

So what if your doctor doesn’t want to give it to you? It seems that Hydroxy should be available everywhere in the world. Our government alone has 63 million doses of it. Somebody somewhere must be selling it on the street. If you take that route, be sure to wear a face mask though.

There is one more option – a vaccine that is proven effective independent of politics. We should all be excited at the effort being poured into developing a vaccine for COVID-19. One potential formula is being prepared for phase three testing, which will involve thousands of people in scientifically monitored conditions. We could actually learn the results before year-end. If it is successful, the US government is planning to pay for at least 100 million doses.

Hopefully, by next year at this time, no one will be arguing about Hydroxy anymore. It will become the Edsel of coronavirus drugs.


  1. So according to milt, the thousands of people cured and the doctors who spoke of them, must all be lying. And even though it has been used for 70 years or more, with no reported ill effects (and the only reports saying there were, was proven to be lies and removed), lets talk negative about it. Because hey, it tows the liberal ideology. That’s the democrat way. Can’t be positive about anything that might help Trump, or the country.

  2. Then all the sudden, after 80 years and 60 million prescriptions… democrats began worrying about Hydroxchloroquine side effects…

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