Thoughts for this national holiday



After reading so many partisan posts expressing strong sentiments for or against issues and points of view, I thought it might be a good idea on this holiday, to express my own personal point of view as an American who has lived through multiple wars, economic ups and downs, Republican and Democratic regimes and now, a first even for me, a pandemic.

I have tried to understand why people these days express such radical views of each other when we all have a common bond that has brought us, our parents and our ancestors together to share in the greatest democracy the world has ever known. So I am going to list my beliefs as a citizen of America, the beliefs I have shared and defended when visiting other countries that do not have the freedoms we enjoy.

In this publication, I have written primarily about local issues and taken positions that may or may not be popular, but the purpose today is to put those opinions aside and address the much more important issue of what it means to be an American. I invite you to comment on what being an American means to you as well. If you wish to comment in private, go to I will not share your comments if you do not wish them to be public.

So here is my list:

I believe in America

I do not believe in communism, fascism. dictatorships, a radical left or a radical right. I believe in democracy.

I believe in the US Constitution, all its freedoms, responsibilities, checks & balance.

I believe in freedom of speech, the most fundamental freedom and cornerstone of our democracy.

I believe in a police force that respects all fellow American citizens and the law

I Believe in protecting our borders

I believe in legal immigration

I detest violence of one American to another.

I believe in a fair tax code that creates the incentive for all Americans to succeed, not just the wealthy

I believe in government spending oversight to protect taxpayers

I believe in a strong, up-to-date military to protect us and advance the cause of democracy abroad.

I believe in regulations that protect the environment and protect consumers.

I believe in helping the poorest among us to survive and providing the tools they need to succeed.

I believe in science as the rational source of information to keep us safe and improve our lives.

I believe we should respect the right of every American to express their views even if they disagree with mine.

That’s it. I also have opinions about many things, but these are my beliefs. Again, I invite your comments and criticisms.


  1. I like your list of beliefs, Mr. Thomas. One that can sometimes be difficult is only allowing ‘legal’ immigrants. I know we have to have a limit but if I were in a country that took my male family members away to fight I’d be very unhappy. I’d be wanting to leave in the night with our few possessions and attempt to get to the land of the free, etc. I wouldn’t be able to go through channels and what little money the family had would be needed to bribe some to assist us or look the other way. The rest would have to feed us. Generally speaking, your list is pretty fair. Here’s looking forward to a better year ahead for all of us.

  2. Hi Milt.

    It’s a nice list.

    The most glaring thing I see is the lack of any grounding in or reference to faith, culture, psychology or philosophy.

    Yes, science promises us progress and safety, both good things. But it is culture that gives out lives meaning and context.

    From that perspective, your list is kinda sad, like a bundle of dry sticks out in the sun.

    I’ll bet you could do way better on a second try.

    Try playing Louis Armstrong when you write.

    It is a wonderful world.

    Thanks. Nick.

  3. Hi Milt.

    One more observation about your list.

    Americans, including you, hate nothing more that giving anyone, even a neighbor, something for nothing. It’s in our bones, even your very PC bones.

    You make two references to our poor in your entire belief system.

    You propose they be given tax “Incentives,” and that they be given tools to succeed. You also generously toss them a right to survive And you’re a progressive.

    This is the point Andrew Yang was making.

    Americans are all shareholders in the great enterprise that is the USA. As such, we all deserve a dividend commensurate with our ownership share.

    Capitalism exists for one reason — To raise all boats

    This is the mindset we need going forward.

    The Left could make so much progress if not for the fact that it is run by the Left.

    Thanks. Nick.

  4. Tom McCauley

    Hi Milt:
    I like your beliefs and agree with all of them except for trying to advance democracy around the world. Our efforts to date have been notably unsuccessful and have cost many American lives not to mention the lives of many of the people we had planned to be part of our nation building democracy. Our own democracy leaves a few things to be desired that you have covered in your beliefs. Let’s fix our democracy and lead the world to democracy by example instead of trying to drive it there with guns.

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