Are any Vero residents “has beens”?



In a recent Vero News editorial about the Three Corners Steering Committee nominees, two candidate were referred to as “has beens.” While the need for adding more youth is certainly called for, referring to experienced and qualified candidates as “has beens,” is a slap in the dignity of the over-50 generation as a whole. Certainly, Richard Winger, who has served three terms on City Council and as Mayor, is uniquely qualified to serve on the Steering Committee. Although Mark Mucher has not held elected office, he has been deeply involved in local politics during his 34 years as a resident of Vero Beach.

This is not meant as a criticism of the candidates who were selected at the last City Council meeting, nor of the selection process. It is a criticism of the Indian River Shores-based Vero News, never failing to take a mean-spirited poke at Vero Beach.

(Remember when its publisher wrote, “Three Corners is arguably even more stupid than the idiotic sobriquet, ‘Twin Pairs.’ His publication has since referred to Three Corners as ‘Centennial Place,’ his own choice of an idiotic sobriquet.)



  1. Hi Milt.

    In case anyone wonders why their power bill seemed higher this month, let me offer:

    1. Most of the cost of your power bill comes from the fact that utility companies burn fuel to create electricity.

    2. In recent years, that fuel has mostly been natural gas because it burns cleanly and is much better for the environment.

    3. At the time of the FPL giveaway, December 2018, natural gas was trading at around $2.60 a unit.

    4. Following the transaction, the price of natural gas fell as low $2.30, which translated into FPL bills feeling low.

    5. As of a month or so ago, the price of natural gas rose all the way to $2.80. Thus the higher bills.

    There never were any “Low, Low FPL Prices.”

    It was just talk.

    Thanks. Nick.

  2. Nick,

    What does this have to do with anything? (Especially since FPL residential rates have gone down since they acquired Vero Electric.)

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