Youth Guidance launches farming program with C-B Farms of Vero Beach

news release

Children attending Youth Guidance Mentoring Academy will experience farming for the first time ever this summer. Six kids ages 12 and up will learn how to harvest honey, compost, cook fresh vegetables, take care of farm animals, and much more.

Youth Guidance students get a lesson on how to drive a tractor.

The children will participate in four sessions at C-B Farms of Vero Beach from June 18th to July 30th. The farming program was made possible by Derrick Clunis, C-B Farms co-owner, and Lamar Bell, manager.

During orientation on June 18th, the kids got an overview of what it takes to maintain a farm. They learned that there are 50 different mango varieties worldwide, and they even got to take turns driving a tractor in the field!

The group of children participating in the new farming program is part of the Youth Guidance Pathfinders, an Excel Club sponsored by the local Exchange Clubs. The goal of Pathfinders is to help high school students develop leadership, civic engagement, community service, and other life skills to become successful adults.

“Farming is a skill that isn’t taught in schools, and there are so many valuable life lessons associated with it,” said Executive Director Phil Barnes. “The team at C-B Farms is dedicated to making this a life-changing and memorable experience for the kids – they even purchased beekeeper suits for all of them!”

Youth Guidance plans to continue the farming program in the fall. The nonprofit is working with C-B Farms to eventually create paid internships for children who enjoy being out on the farm and would like to gain real-world job experience. 

Youth Guidance is a local nonprofit that provides mentoring serves to children ages 5-18 with limited resources in Indian River County. With direction from our trained staff, mentors and volunteers, these children can experience a path toward a brighter future. Programs are all free and children are provided with a nutritious meal before programs.

To learn more about Youth Guidance Mentoring Academy, become a mentor, or to volunteer, please call 772-492-3933 or visit us at

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