Florida economy now 15th largest in the world

news release

New data shows that today if Florida were an independent country, it would be the 15th largest economy in the world.  Florida overtook Indonesia and Mexico’s economies during the past year. 

COVID changed the world and the global economy, and the new numbers for 2020 are out, showing Florida’s growth compared to the rest of the world. While it may be temporary as other world economies are continuing to rebound from the global pandemic, Florida has moved up two slots from 17th to 15th largest global economy – if Florida were a country. This jump can be attributed to the fact that Florida’s economy has recovered more quickly than both the U.S. economy and many countries’ economies.

Among other diverse economic growth, Florida’s economy has added manufacturing jobs (+6.0%) while the U.S. lost them (-1.7%), landing at #2 in total manufacturing job creation over the past 5 years, and #5 in growth rate. *See graphic below.

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