The Source begins reopening process

news release

It took 18 months of the pandemic to finally take a short-term toll on The Source for the poor and the homeless in Vero Beach.  For 18 months, The Source’s doors stayed open to feed the homeless three hot meals a day, plus offer their full slate of programs and services to their clients, as well as delivering hot meals to those in need in Indian River County. Then it took only two short weeks for the new Delta Variant to strike The Source’s employees and their families and deter their ability to perform as they had been doing day in and day out. 

To that end, Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh announced to his staff, volunteers and Facebook friends, that he was forced to shut down operations until further notice so they can step back and assess what to do going forward. In his leadership role, and with the support of board members and donors, Zorbaugh took the past weekend to make his assessments and has announced the reopening of The Source in this manner:

Armando serving from The Source’s Dignity Food Truck

Beginning Tuesday, August 31:

·         Three hot meals for clients will be served from the Dignity Food Truck located in the parking lot of their campus; 8 a.m. Breakfast; 12 noon Lunch; 4 p.m. Dinner and will continue Monday-Friday

·         Catering will be suspended until further notice

·         The Food Truck will proceed with any previously planned engagements, including their usual service from the Hyundai parking lot for Friday lunch

·         Delivery of meal services will continue to those in need

·         Mail service will continue as usual

·         Laundry services are temporarily suspended until the installation of new floors in that space is completed (This renovation had begun and was in process until the shutdown occurred)

·         Shower use is on hold until they can properly plan to clean and disinfect the area for continued use

·         All other programs will be on hold and assessed on a daily basis

·         They are in hoping to hold a vaccination clinic on site and their Food Truck will offer a free meal from the menu to those who come in and receive their vaccination. (Dates and hours forthcoming)

·         They are looking at how to open the Dignity Bus for overnight shelter

The Source is located at 1015 Commerce Ave., (off of 12th Street) in Vero Beach. For more information, please call Anthony Zorbaugh at 717-435-2312.

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