Come see our County native plant garden!

news release

See how you can transform your grassy yard!  We’ve planted an Education & Demonstration Native Garden at County Commission Building A to help Save our Manatees, Fishes and Birds! 

As part of the PIAS Trees for Life/Plants for Birds project, our vision for this garden is to educate and demonstrate to the public that a native plant garden can be beautiful and be environmental.  Many folks in their daily lives come to the county complex to attend commission and other meetings, pay taxes, or visit the county health department and extension offices. Now they will see that, by planting native trees and plants, they can play a role in helping solve the crises facing our climate and lagoon.  Besides being beautiful, the native plants provide food for birds and wildlife and help maintain clean water for fishes and manatees.  Pamphlets are available on site recommending native plants for birds, butterflies, and Bees. Plant ID signs with QR codes will provide information on all 21 species.

Thank you, Indian River County Commissioners, for approving this garden plan. The impetus for it came from County Commissioner Laura Moss.  When Commissioner Moss was on Vero Beach City Council all the sod was removed around Vero Beach City Hall, and the site today is beautiful.  We appreciate the help of the County’s Public Works Director, Rich Szpyrka, in working with us. And many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this garden a reality!

Come and be inspired! See how you can plant your garden to save our manatees, fishes, and our birds. Some native plants are available at the Audubon House on Wednesdays. Fridays., and Sundays from 9-11 am. 

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