VB Dog Park announces 2022 Board of Directors, new projects

news release

Vero Beach Dog Park announced their 2022 Board of Directors. Patti Hackett, Mike Reese, Christina Trammell, Patsy Tremaine and Dr. Jen Wortham. Recently elected was Michelle Wood. Officers are Bob Joy, President; Jill Jones, Vice President; Leah Muller, Vice President; Clay Price, Treasurer; and Penny Chandler Norris, Secretary. The dog park’s Board of Directors are all volunteers who are committed to managing a safe, clean, and welcoming environment where people from the community can bring their dogs. 

“Last year we added a “quiet area” in the southeast corner of the dog park where older dogs, dogs recovering from surgeries or timid first-time canine visitors may play and socialize. The area was a great investment, well received and is used each day” said President Bob Joy. “Additional capital improvements during the first three months of this year include eighteen pallets of new sod laid in both the large dog and small dog areas and new gravel for the north parking lot.  We replaced 35 chairs, placed river stone in the large dog water stations, added sand under shade sails, and installed brick pavers under the many benches located throughout the park. And, five oak trees were relocated in the large dog area,” said Joy. Other capital improvements are under discussion.

The dog park brought Abby Cline to town in February to perform a free demonstration at the Vero Beach Dog Park. Ms. Cline and her dogs perform with Stunt Dog Productions and she is founder of The Dog Carnival.

The dog park is visited each day by hundreds of people and their dogs. It is the only free public dog park in Vero Beach and remains the only leased city property that does not charge patrons for services. While the property is leased from the City of Vero Beach, it is 100% privately funded, improved and maintained.

Joy said “We appreciate the partnership we have with the City of Vero Beach. Our Board’s sound administration, and the continuing generosity of a community that values and loves their dogs, guarantees that the Vero Beach Dog Park will continue to thrive and be well-maintained in the years ahead.”

The dog park is located on Indian River Drive East in the City of Vero Beach. To learn more about Vero Beach Dog Park go to www.verobeachdogpark.org

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  1. Many thanks to the board of directors, present and past, and to the many volunteers and donors who have made the park possible for our fury friends and their owners. It is a great place for the dogs to get exercise, to play and for their owners to meet other friendly people. No charge for all to enter, even if you do not have a dog, but it is surely enjoyed by the many that do.

    Being good stewards of our land, we will keep a watchful eye that this remains open green space and not for development.
    Art and Rosemary White

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