Secrets of the US Federal Census April 12 

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Digging into the data of the recently released 1950 US Federal Census? The Indian River Genealogical Society invites you to “Secrets of the US Federal Census” the monthly virtual program featuring returning favorite genealogist Thomas MacEntee on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 beginning at 11 AM.

Thomas MacEntee, a genealogy professional who’s also a blogger, educator, author, social media connector, marketer, and network builder was laid off after a 25-year IT career so started his own genealogy-related business, High- Definition Genealogy. Currently he shares many of his articles and videos for free at

Thomas MacEntee

Every US Federal Census had its procedures as well as its quirks, explains MacEntee. Do you know how to tell who was the “informant” in the 1930 or 1940 US Census? Do you know how to access the instructions given to enumerators for each census? Do you know what all the different “codes” mean? Do you know what happened to the population schedules once they were submitted by the enumerator? Learn the fascinating journey of US census data from the census planning phase to the final tabulation. Participants will gain a better understanding of how the Census worked and varied from the perspective of both the enumerator and the enumerated. With this knowledge, as a genealogist you can better evaluate the census data for your ancestors.

“I see things differently than most in the genealogy field; I’m almost never content with the status quo. That doesn’t mean I chase after change just for the sake of change; but when I see an opportunity to improve something and to bring more people into the genealogy sphere, that’s where you’ll find me.”

The virtual program will start at 11:00 am with a brief business meeting and is FREE and open to the public. Advance pre-registration is required for this meeting at:

For more information about the Indian River Genealogical Society and upcoming programs, please visit             

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