Maria’s Organic Fountain offering a healthy alternative


June-Maria's.1BCancer. A terrifying diagnosis for any family to contend with, and the number of Americans afflicted is on the rise every second. Clifford Ray and his wife Maria first received the news that she had breast cancer twelve years ago.

After doctors removed the tumor, they urged Mrs. Ray to immediately undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy to kill the cancer remaining in her body, but the Rays were understandably concerned by the well-known side effects of these treatments; crippling Maria’s immune system and killing her healthy cells and tissues in the process of fighting her illness.


Before going ahead with the dangerous and aggressive treatments offered by western science, Clifford and his wife researched alternative cancer therapies and learned the life changing benefits of eating completely organic foods and avoiding all known cancer causing toxins, most notably of these being GMOs.

There has been a tremendous amount of publicity surrounding GMOs in the American media in recent months, yet the general public remains largely uninformed of the scary, almost unbelievable truths regarding the commercially owned corporations that are producing the food on our grocery store shelves. GMO stands for genetically modified organism, in other words a seed or animal that has been altered by its manufacturer, either chemically or otherwise.

Genetic alterations made to seeds in labs and intense use of pesticides in an attempt to produce “super-crops” has infused a tremendous amount of our food with toxins that cause cancer in lab rats and in more and more cases, in human beings as well.

The millions of animals farmed all over the US on an antibiotic and steroid laced diet have come to produce these same cancer causing poisons, otherwise called GMOs.  Despite these scientific findings, the average adult consumes a commercial diet that consists of around 80% genetically modified food. Clifford Ray and his family have made it their mission to offer a safe, healthy alternative.

After immediate surgery to remove the cancer, the Rays were able to defeat Maria’s breast cancer holistically by following a rigorous program of consuming cleansing organic foods and juices, which earned her twelve cancer free years, only for doctors to eventually discover another tumor encasing Maria’s colon.

The Ray family faced a second battle with cancer and, took their juicing regiment to the next level, which meant Clifford pressing 13 completely organic, GMO free juices for Maria 13 hours every day….for two grueling years. Although the therapy required intense dedication, Maria and Clifford came out the other side cancer free again, and expert producers of this “life juice”.

Clifford knew better than anyone how inaccessible his cancer-fighting organic juices and foods were to a typical consumer, and developed the concept of a restaurant with an emphasis on complete wellness and education while offering cleansing juices and a completely organic culinary experience.

This budding idea of making healthy dining available to everyone at an affordable price was aptly named Maria’s Organic Fountain, and Clifford came out of retirement to start a second career and share his passion for organic wellness with all of Vero Beach.

The restaurant, which maintains a higher standard of organic health than the USFDA, is intended to improve its customers physically and mentally, while educating the staff and anyone else interested in learning more about health through an organic diet.

During the infancy of the business, Clifford immediately assembled a group of diverse employees and introduced them to the positive benefits of consuming organics, offering them an ongoing education program which teaches not only about the food but also the finances behind the business. By coaching his young staff on health as well as the fundamentals of business, Clifford has inspired the entire staff to commit to a semi- or totally organic lifestyle while enriching them as young adults.

While the intricacies of the business are still constantly evolving, the Rays collaborate with each other and their staff constantly so Maria’s Organic Fountain has become a labor of love for all, and this passion is readily apparent inside this new jewel of Vero.

Monitors stream educational videos in the dining area so patrons always have the chance to learn more about organic foods.  In this engaging setting, diners cannot help but be exposed to the Ray family’s innovative approach to eating as a means of maintaining health, not to mention charmed by the hospitality and enthusiasm of every staff member.

Maria’s Organic Fountain opened June third, offering a complete breakfast and lunch menu, as well as a selection of organic beer and wine. The Rays will be expanding the menu to include dinner in the near future, and plan to incorporate new elements such as guest educational speakers and constantly changing menus. While the road to opening a restaurant was fraught with trial, the Ray family emerged cancer free, and with a passion to share their knowledge of creating truly life changing organic cuisine with all of Vero Beach.

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