Reader Comment: Former county commissioner, Gary Wheeler, “totally disagrees” with Inside Vero columnist

Former County Commissioner Gary Wheeler
Gary Wheeler

Former County Commissioner, Gary Wheeler, wrote yesterday that he “totally disagrees” with points made in an opinion column titled “Is there more to Commissioner Zorc’s proposals than meets the eye?” The column, published July 16, was written by Inside Vero associate editor, Milt Thomas.

Wheeler wrote, “Mark I just read this article and totally disagree with you assumption that one, I am Zorc’s Mentor and two, I tried to undermine the TDC. I had concerns and they were addressed and I moved on to have, I believe a very productive and good relationship the the COC. My only relationship with Zorc was my support for his election. I had two choices at the time and believed that he was the best selection by far over Bea. If you look at the history I have had with Mr. Wilson you will find that 95% of it was on the opposite side of the issues and positions he had. Your comments about me and Zorc and Wilson are as misleading as many of Mr. Wilson’s

comments about me and others. I am not upset, just trying to set the record straight. I always have and still do respect you a great deal. I would be very happy to discuss this with you at any time. 772-532-9649”

Schumann replied, “Gary, note that the article about which you are commenting is an opinion column by Milt Thomas. The column bears his name, not mine. Having said that, I would also note that though you may not, in your view, have been Tim Zorc’s “mentor,” it was widely reported that you felt he did not follow your direction or guidance when he nominated Joe Flescher for the position of County Commission Chairman last year.

“You not only endorsed Mr. Zorc, but also collaborated with Charlie Wilson in writing the blog, “Wheeler & Wilson.” That blog was begun during Mr. Zorc’s campaign against Bea Gardner, and went dormant shortly after the election. It is hard to see the short-lived blog, “Wheeler and Wilson,” as anything other than an effort to aid Mr. Zorc in his election. Your last contribution to the blog is dated November 2, 2012. Wilson’s last submission was November 16, 2012, in which he wrote, “The only thing you can see of my writing partner Gary Wheeler are the tail lights on his motor home. Well wisher flocked to the podium to wish him well at his last meeting. Tim Zorc will be sworn in next Tuesday.”


  1. I am always happy to see the Wilson/ Zorc collaboration exposed under any cicumstances. We must keep an eye on both of them. They attempt to distance themselves publically, but it is all an act.

  2. Ho hum, another mountain out of a molehill.
    Life must be boring, much ado about NOTHING.

  3. Don’t you sometimes wonder why a person spends 26 years in public office and leaves town shortly before his last term is up? Hmmm. What is he hiding?Hmmm.

    As I was reading this article I was going to mention the Wilson-Wheeler “Bash Bea Blog” but you did it for me so all I can say is thank you Mark for setting the record straight.

    So, as far as I can see, we now have a new trifecta of characters, Wilson, Wheeler and Zorc who seem to want to criticize Inside Vero for keeping the public informed with the truth.

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