Moss asserts authority to cancel Finance Commission meeting

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Laura Moss
Laura Moss

After Finance Commission chairman Glen Brovont declined to postpone Monday’s Finance Commission meeting at her request, Vero Beach Mayor Laura Moss fired off an email to members of the Finance Commission unilaterally canceling the meeting. “The Finance Commission meeting scheduled for 02/20 is cancelled. ‘Review of Commission Procedures’ is to be placed on the City Council Agenda (02/21) meeting; (under my matters) for discussion,” Moss wrote.

Moss also sent a separate email directly to Brovont in which she wrote, “Stated simply, the City Council already has voted on the matter of the partial sale; no further discussion is required at this time.”

Brovont replied, “This meeting & issue are being blown way out of proportion! The committee intends to go forward with its agenda…”

The City Charter gives the mayor limited authority to preside over Council meetings, to sign documents on behalf of the City and to attend ceremonial functions.  In attempting to unilaterally cancel next Monday’s Finance Commission meeting, Moss appears to be acting outside her authority.

Editor’s note: During the recent City Council election, Laura Moss received 70 percent of her campaign contributions from residents in Indian River Shores. She was also supported by a political action committee funded entirely by contributions from Shores residents and from Florida Power & Light. At a meeting held in the Shores early last full Moss was introduced by Shores Mayor Brian Barefoot as “a members of the Shores team.”


  1. I might suggest that the Council reconsider their vote and replace Moss as Mayor. She doesn’t seem to know what her duties are.

  2. To vote against Moss for trying to turn COVB government into a dictatorship, Howle and Sykes will need the approval of Indian River Shores mayor Brian Barefoot. He ownes all three of them.

  3. Is there a way for residents to unload the Mayor if we get enough signatures from registered VB residents? Would a resident be required to be registered to vote in order to sign a petition to get rid of our current Mayor? Just wondering. Truly, she seems too bossy for a Vero Beach Mayor.

  4. Cathy, I believe Linda Hillman has looked into this question. It came up back when Tracy Carroll and Craig Fletcher displayed ignorance of or disregard for the the constitutional protection for the free exercise of religion.

  5. The best course of action with Mayor Moss would be for her fellow councilman to rein her in and explain to her how the city of Vero operates. The city attorney could also explain the laws governing the city.

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