Zudans plays ‘TRUMP’ card, claims accurate reporting on his positions is ‘fake news’


“Zudans can pretend truth is whatever he wants it to be, but his own words speak for themselves.”


Val Zudans
Donald TRUMP

During a recent candidate forum sponsored by the Taxpayers Association, Val Zudans dismissed as “fake news” InsideVero’s reporting on positions he has taken on selling Vero Beach’s water and sewer utility to the County and on the City’s continued ownership of other enterprise funds.

Donald TRUMP, who now claims to have introduced the term “fake news,” would surely give a wink to Zudans’ attempt to weasel out of any consequence for his past statements by attempting to discredit the media.

The claims and denials Zudans made today are in direct contrast to earlier statements he had made on the issue. In a column published in the island weekly on April 13 of this year Zudans wrote, “Get government out of every business where they have no business…Government has no business in the marina business when others can do it much better at lower cost. City government should not be in the water and sewer business if the county can do it better at lower cost.”

Zudans can pretend truth is whatever he wants it to be, but his own words speak for themselves.

So, I will say what I have said before, if Val Zudans is elected to the City Council, and if Harry Howle is re-elected, it will not be long before they are clamoring to sell the water and sewer system to the County. The consequences could be devastating for the City.

On top of the power sale, the loss of enterprise fund revenue from the water and sewer system will be more than the City can absorb without having to drastically cut services. These service cuts will almost surely include turning over public safety to the Sheriff’s Office.

When it comes to bristling at being held accountable, Zudans and TRUMP have good company. As President, Thomas Jefferson, a great defender of the free press, found accountability by the media annoying. At one point during his presidency Jefferson wrote, “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.”

In attempting to shift accountability from himself by blaming the media, Zudans is proving that he is just another politician. His positions may be relative, but truth is not.

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  1. It would seem that Mr Zudans has been a bit too cleaver with his past statements and his more convenient recent statements. If Mr Zudans and any other candidate believes that government should not run any business, than wanting to sell Vero Water and Sewer to the county would be exactly the same. And lets face it, the Vero system is superior to the county system both financially and practically. The result for the city ,if a sale to the county took place, would be higher rates, and the loss of tax reducing income.

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