Windsor announces expansion of equestrian centre


Windsor recently  announced improvements and expansion to its full-scale Equestrian Centre, with the installation of a multi-use stick and ball field.

Featuring 22 stables and 14 paddocks, Windsor’s Equestrian Centre is a unique amenity for Members, offering boarding, maintenance, lessons and riding for recreation, as well as a full-sized polo field for exhibition matches.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Windsor because it truly expands our capabilities, allowing Members to practice their polo and a variety of other equestrian disciplines on a beautifully manicured field right in front of the stables.  In addition, we have used the opportunity to update our arena surface,” says Max Secunda, Windsor’s Director of Equestrian Operations. 

“Not only does the 170-yard-long field enhance the aesthetics of the Equestrian Centre, it has been carefully engineered to drain rapidly and allow practice even in Florida’s rainy season. The field has been sodded with 419, a Bermuda hybrid proven to withstand the rigors of some of the world’s most important international tournaments.”

The stick and ball field will be ideal for introducing beginners and children to the sport, as well as to three on three games and stick and ball for more experienced players. Creating this dedicated space allows Members to regularly play polo at Windsor, a sport growing in popularity each season. It also provides a large available space for other activities such as soccer, equestrian exhibitions or parties like the popular Asado Grill.

“The new field and our horses are ready for play and I look forward to introducing this new amenity to Windsor Member families and guests this season,” says Secunda. 

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