Old outlines his priorities a candidate for City Council


Editor’s note: Randy Old is a candidate for the Vero Beach City Council. Old previously served on the Council from Nov. 2014 to Nov. 2016.


Randy Old

I am running for City Council because I enjoyed the two years on the Council, I felt that I was just beginning to contribute, and if I had another term I could be much more productive. My long career in business and finance could be a benefit to the city, and I feel strongly about giving back to this wonderful community.

I am pro sale…I feel this is the first time that the City has a reasonable offer to sell Vero Electric, the community has voted to sell it, and the subject has been toxic for several years harming the ability of the council to pay sufficient attention to the routine matters of maintaining and operating the city. However, selling it is only half of the job, the other half is insuring that the sale’s adverse effects on the residents is minimal, and this will take time, effort, and expertise. This is where my background can help.

I am in favor of doing all we can to help the lagoon, and this includes establishing the storm water utility.

I am for stopping or delaying the fast train coming through Vero

I am for passing the comprehensive plan as soon as possible

I participate in other Vero projects, I am the chair of the Old Vero Ice Age Sites Committee, and on the Finance Commission.


  1. I don’t recall having voted to sell our power system–did vote to ‘continue talk’ with FPL. Other than that, I believe Mr. Old has the expertise to resolve this sale and make sure the City residents aren’t left with a really bad financial situation. Look forward to having him up there on the dais.

  2. It’s a matter of trust ,and the people I speak to trust Old and Kramer. Some don’t like the idea of FPL pouring thousands of dollars into the Vero election. Waiting for the other “shoe” to drop when Indian River Shores contributes thousands of dollars to defeat Old and Kramer .

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