Chairman Brovont resigns from Finance Commission


Glen Brovont

Finance Commission Chairman Glen Brovont resigned today.

Brovont’s abrupt announcement came one day after the FPL-sponsored Council majority of Harry Howle, Laura Moss and Lange Sykes, along with Tony Young, approved and signed a contract with Florida Power and Light for the sale of Vero Electric.

Brovont, who was appointed to the current commission by Laura Moss, has been openly critical of the Council’s directives prohibiting the Utilities and Finance Commissions from vetting the contract, some details of which only became available over the weekend.

Concerned about negative impacts a partial sale of the Indian River Shores portion of FPL might have on the remaining customers, the Finance Commission previously urged the Council to pursue a sale of the full system, but not to also obligate the City to a partial sale.

Brovont’s resignation letter emailed to Council member Laura Moss:

Attn: Laura Moss, Mayor;

Please accept this letter as my immediate resignation as Chairman & member of the Vero Beach Finance Committee. .

Glen Brovont 10/25/2017


  1. So sorry we’re losing experienced people, but I can understand how frustrating it has been to be on a commission to advise and then not be allowed to do it.

  2. The loss of Glen Brovont will be deeply felt; he has served faithfully and with a great deal of knowledge on the sale to FP&L. Obviously Mr Brovont is a man of high character and courage and should be recognized for these attributes and his many hours of hard work.

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