FPL to propose $4 monthly surcharge for Hurricane Irma costs


FPL will propose a new storm surcharge to regulators to recover what it says are $1.3 billion in costs from September’s Hurricane Irma, the company’s parent, NextEra Energy told Wall Street analysts Thursday.

The surcharge would be an additional $4 a month during 2018, and then would rise to $5.50 from 2019-2020, to recover its costs to restore power after Irma. Those are the proposed costs for a typical 1,000 KW monthly residential electric bill. Continue reading...


  1. George, I looked at two FPL bills yesterday, one for 5168 kilowatt hours, and one for 4311 kilowatt hours. The storm recover charges on those bills were 7.44 and 6.21 respectively. FPL’s assessment for Irma will be on top of those charges, and it will be assessed to the customers of Vero Electric once they become customers of FPL, even though they were not on the FPL system at the time the hurricane blew through FLorida. To this unfairness, FPL spokesperson Amy Brunjes said to one Councilman, “Well, it is what it is.” What Brunjes meant, of course, is that with control of the Council majority, FPL will do what it wants, and that’s just the way things are going to be.

  2. If we understand correctly – when FPL puts a surcharge on a user’s bill it is based on each 1000 kilowatt hours used. If a user uses over 2000 kilowatt hours the surcharge would be 2 x or more for the surcharge – over 3000 3 x or more, 4000 4 x or more, etc. If this is correct, than the ‘public announcement-advertising’ about how the surcharge is applied and for how much, is left out of the discussion. We know very few who stay at or under the 1000 kilowatt hour usage. FPL is using the cover of ‘trade secrets’ and not explaining how they come up with their billing philosophy.

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