‘No mas!’ Vero Beach needs a new mayor

Mayor Laura Moss, who once described herself at the “queen” of Vero Beach, continues to mistake the ceremonial role of mayor with that of strong armed dictator. Now she wants another term as mayor. Arguably, Harry Howle, or Val Zudans could better serve the City and its people in the role of mayor. It is time for a change. It is time to return to civility.


Harry Howle
Val Zudans

Vero Beach Mayor Laura Moss has let it be known she would like to serve a second one-year term as mayor. The Council will hold an organizational meeting Nov. 20, for the swearing in of Howle and Zudans, and for the election of a mayor and vice-mayor.

Moss, who gives herself much of the credit for moving forward the sale of Vero Electric, believes the deal will be imperiled, if she does not continue in her largely ceremonial role as mayor.

In truth, the power sale came together because Florida Power and Light was able to bring significant political pressure to bear on the Florida Municipal Power Agency and the Orlando Utilities Commission. There were certainly other factors, including FPL’s purchase of seats on the City Council for Moss, Lange Sykes, Harry Howle, and now Val Zudans.

If Moss deserves any “credit,” it is for running roughshod over her fellow Council members and members of the public.

I thought the day would never come, but I finally read an editorial in the island weekly with which I largely agree.

The island weekly’s editorial this week calls for the Council to elect a new mayor – someone other than Moss. The island weekly’s editorial writer offers, “…in the time she’s been mayor, Council meetings have grown interminable and the level of decorum has diminished…and Moss can get downright nasty when she does not agree with someone else’s position….Moss has made the office of mayor all about her.”

The Council majority of Harry Howle, Moss, Lange Sykes, and now Val Zudans have at least two choices, both of which would be far better than allowing Moss continue to browbeat members of the public.



  1. Mayor Moss is a breath of fresh air!

    To start “she read the 400 page Comp Plan and registered the staggering pitfalls that jeopardized Home Rule.

    She attempted to improve the legal language written by a consultant outside our community.

    This spirit is what Vero needs compared to Harry Howle who ranted in the meeting about the Councils promise of a November 20 vote date complaining … “just to wait for the (inconvenient) return of seasonal voters to understand the Comp Plan.”

    The promise was broken with a forced vote on Election Day November 7, curiously before the new Council to be represented the following day.

    Most obvious were the missing constituent/taxpayers whose voices were not included. So be it for Home Rule.

  2. Melinda Meikle’s assertion that we will lose Home Rule is just untrue. So is the fear-mongering regarding increased height and density. And it was not an out of town consultant who wrote the comp plan. All wrong.

  3. Melinda, even if what you claim about Moss were true, which it is not, that still leaves her undeserving of a second consecutive term. For your part, you seem fixated, and totally and completely obsessed with one issue. More accurately, what seems to consume your every waking moment, a United Nations takeover of Vero Beach, is a non-issue. Surely there are treatments for hyper-anxiety.

  4. We could use a mayor with a little bit – no, a lot more humility. FPL deal should be completed in about a year – we’re told. If it doesn’t somehow ‘get there’, Mrs. Moss might not want to be sitting up there with the Council. It is out of the hands of the Council, I believe, since it has been signed?

  5. I would prefer Harry Howle over anyone else on the council to serve as mayor; I think he could wear the title and keep the job in prospective. He would serve with insight and not be king.

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