Changes to the published City Council agenda should be made in the open


Editor’s note: Ken Daige is a former member of the Vero Beach City Council.


Ken Daige

It happens too often; issues with no back-up information are brought up at city council and the general public has been left in the dark.

The following is one such example.

The city council met Tuesday, May 1st, at 6 pm, under a revised agenda.

On Wednesday, April 24th, the agenda for the May 1st city council was posted on the city website. The agenda included a request by Mayor Howle:


Agenda Item for Tuesday, May 1th, 2018

RE: Approach Indian River County to discuss the removal of point source pollution risk on the Indian River Lagoon.

‘I would like to have a conversation about getting the water sewer treatment plant off of the lagoon, thereby removing the point source risk of accidental pollution that exists today. The goal of this agenda item is to see if the County would entertain a conversation about the potential terms of Indian River County providing water sewer treatment for Vero’s current customers and Vero removing the current structures from the south side of the Alma Lee Loy Bridge.’

By the time of the scheduled city council meeting the agenda had been changed and Mayor Howle’s request removed – but no indication was given to the public that this agenda had been revised.

Council member Zudan’s sponsoring of Stephen Faherty and Glenn Heran’s presentation requesting disposal of the city’s enterprise fund departments, 2-E-2, remained on the agenda.

It is unusual for two seated councilmembers to put the same issue on an agenda unless previously discussed that they would do so at a prior city council meeting. This is usually due to the concern that a perception of a sunshine violation might have occurred.

It is disconcerting that this particular agenda item was removed without clarification to the general public partly by way of acknowledgement of a revised agenda.

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