A father and son Memorial Day

James A. Thompson, Jr., Colonel, U.S. Army. 30 years service, David A. Thompson, Captain, U.S. Army and LTJG U.S. Coast Guard. 8 years service.
Once again my son and I put on our uniforms and attended the Memorial Day services. We do this each Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day.  It has been an honor for each of us to wear the uniform of the U. S. Army. The ceremony was moved inside at Vero Beach High School due to weather. But, we were able to get a photo anyway at Memorial Island before we went to the high school.

One comment

  1. Jim Thompson, David & Mark Schumann, People & Families like the Three of you & yours are what is now holding our Nation Together!! Thank you for ALL you have done & are Doing.!, The Robert Jackson Family were there once again to Honor & shed tears of thankfulness & & Love for ours & other Family members who have Served & Protected our Beautiful America!! Our Loss was First Lieutenant MARK JACKSON, SON OF WILLIAM & LOUISE V. JACKSON & ROBERT (BOB}JACKSON. Miss seeing you at First Baptist Church, Vero Beach, FL. Marjorie Perritt Jackson

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