Press Journal’s Reisman raises concerns over lack of long-term planning for use of public lands

City Charter provisions exist to prevent the lease of lands and buildings in Riverside and MacWilliam Parks for commercial use without voter approval. Despite these provisions, City Councilman Val Zudans is pushing to lease the Riverhouse in MacWilliam Park to a brewery. Currently, the Riverhouse is rented short-term for weddings, receptions and other special events.

“What concerns me is how decisions made today will affect our future. I’d rather have a community vision rather than just giving a thumb up to this idea or that one based on what comes up on any given day.” – Press Journal columnist Larry Reisman


Vero Beach didn’t become the gem it is today because past leaders flew by the seats of their pants.

Acting nimbly is one thing. Acting reactively is something else.

Sadly, today there seems to be a pattern of reacting rather than planning. Continue reading…

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