City Council votes 3-2 to not act on proposed land sale


After more than four hours of discussion, and 27 speakers from the public, Vero Beach City Council voted 3-2 to not accept either the County or the developer offers to buy the former Dodgertown golf course property. Most speakers advocated for either the County or the developer’s plan, but  Peter Robinson, longtime local developer of Laurel Homes properties, made the point that any developer must go through the planning process with City staff to even determine if the project was feasible, so it is way too early to make a decision.  Councilman Laura Moss suggested a third alternative, which is not to do either. In the end, after making a motion that was seconded by Councilman Lange Sykes. Councilman Tony Young joined them, leaving Val Zudans and Mayor Harry Howle in favor of the developer.

More on this later…



  1. Thank you Lange Sykes, Laura Moss and Tony Young for the courage to end ,at least for a while, the sale of the golf course to an outside developer. Thanks to the County for standing up for the city.
    Mr Zudans was once again a disappointment.

  2. Zudans and Howle have been a disappointment since the first time they entered Council. This is what you get when you have FPL bought Council members who lied about all the advantages of selling the local power plant. Hope the citizens have figured that out by now.

  3. Does the vote not to sell the Dodgertown golf course end the County’s efforts to attract the American Baseball Association to Dodgertown? My read on the reluctance to consider sale to the County was because of lack of detail on what the deal entails and not the high level ABA concept.

  4. No, As I understand it,the county is still working with MLB. They were working on this before they knew the city had a buyer for that tract of land.

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