John & Barbara Ferrera Ocean Science Lecture Series 2019


Wednesdays beginning January 9 through March 12 at 4:00 pm or at 7:00 pm at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at FAU

The John & Barbara Ferrera Ocean Science Lecture Series 2019

free and open to the public

January 9
Jim Sullivan, PhD • FAU Harbor Branch
Harbor Branch: Looking Forward

January 16
Tracy Mincer, PhD • FAU Harbor Branch & Wilkes Honor College
Plastic Marine Debris and the Ocean Carbon Cycle

January 23
Amy Wright, PhD • FAU Harbor Branch
Natural Products: Double Edged Swords?

January 30
Gabby Barbarite, PhD • FAU Harbor Branch
Mission Ocean Discovery An Overview of Outreach at FAU Harbor Branch

February 6
Nick Dickens, PhD • FAU Harbor Branch
DNAngling – Molecular Identification of Fish in the Indian River Lagoon

February 13
Megan Davis, PhD • FAU Harbor Branch
Ocean Entrées: Eat your Sea Vegetables!

February 20
M. Dennis Hanisak, PhD • FAU Harbor Branch
The Junior Scientists Program: Research by the Next Generation to Preserve 
Our Natural Resources for All Generations

February 27
Jon Moore, PhD • FAU Wilkes Honor College
Investigating the Deep Pelagic Animals in the Northern Gulf of Mexico after the BP Oil Spill

March 6
Tim Moore, PhD • University of New Hampshire
Using Remote Sensing Technologies to Detect Harmful Algal Blooms

March 13
Jordon Beckler, PhD • FAU Harbor Branch
Extending Soil Conservation to the Sea: Marine Sediments as the Next Frontier!

Questions about the Ocean Science Lecture Series?
Please contact Jill Sunderland at 772-242-2506, or email at

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