Windstorm – Here We Go Again!



Richard Winger

Editor’s note: Richard Winger is a three-term Vero Beach City Councilman and Mayor.

If you are concerned about poor decisions on any of these topics, you need to be at the City Council Meeting 3:00 P.M. this Tuesday, January 15th!

  • The future of the Marina.
  • Linking the Dodgertown Golf Course Land to the County’s Lease to Major League Baseball, versus the alternate Council proposal to sell the land to Hulbert Homes.
  • The City foul-up of the City Council election now to be held February 26th.
  • Parking on Ocean Drive, listed as “Analysis of Center Aisle and One-Way Parking on Ocean Drive.”
  • The poor condition of the Public Parks and Council’s lack of commitment to keeping and maintaining our green spaces. Our parks are one of the special things in Vero Beach.

Keith Drewett is presenting “Retaining the City of Vero Beach Marina under direct City Management.”   He has put together a great plan on how the City can put to work, what is a pretty small amount of the idle funds from the sale of the Electric Utility earning a much higher return than about any other potential investment, by fixing the Marina.  Keith will be asking for a vote to move forward.  His plan needs your support, versus the rival plan, also on the agenda, “for Management or Lease of the City Marina.”  A lease, of a City Charter protected property to a profitmaking firm, for a very long term, violates our Charter park protection, and must be stopped.

You are probably aware that the City now has received retirement notices from two of the three charter officers; Jim O’Connor City Manager as of March 15th,and Wayne Coment, City Attorney; plus, that of the Marina Director.  The Marina Director should be asked to stay until any incoming person can know, both who the job reports to, and the future of the Marina.  To recruit in a windstorm will not get the best person or best results!

To say the least, things have gone from bad to worse at City Hall and the citizens need to be alert to harmful snap decisions.  We all need be there to protect ourselves.

One comment

  1. Residents must not allow the council to sell everything in sight;we cannot allow anyone to undue what has taken 100 years to build. If a referendum was held today,the overwhelming vote would be to leave things as they are and not destroy what has been our wonderful city.
    Remember councils come and go, but the needs and wants of our citizens remain the same.
    People move here from far and wide because of the reputation as a great place to work, live and raise kids,don’t mess with success.

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