Save The Best for Last



Richard Winger

Editor’s Note: Richard Winger was a three-term City Councilman and two-time Mayor of Vero Beach.

This Tuesday, this City Council took just one hour and thirty minutes and got your work done!   Prior meetings have been very long (six hours and more) and embarrassingly contentious.  This meeting was congenial and productive.

How did this happen?  Simply put, the Council Voted 4-1 to eliminate three items by Mrs. Moss characterized as grandstanding. The items covered rehashing the sale of the Dodgertown golf course land to the County for the use of Major League Baseball, the botched city election, plus a “protocol” for Council meetings.  Mrs. Moss had a fourth parking item on the agenda, which was quickly dealt with. Staff had already hired Kimberly Horn to study and recommend Ocean Drive parking solutions.  A revision to the Share Parking Ordinance is already in the works.  Four contentious items and hours of bickering cut-out, and your work was accomplished.  Bravo!

We need congenial and business-like sessions in the next Council to be determined by your vote next Tuesday.  Think deeply about that!
It is no secret I strongly support the reelection of Colonel Tony Young and the election of Linda Hillman, next Tuesday, February 26th.  These are two people who can be trusted to do all in their power to Save the Lagoon andKeep Vero Vero.  I don’t have a third choice, but I think I observed what the Council is trying to tell you.

Very clearly this Council is not supportive of Mrs. Moss if that tells you anything.

Make sure you and your neighbors, friends, and family turn out to vote in the next weeks’ Special City Council Election. I am voting for Colonel Tony Young and Linda Hillman and hope you are too.

One comment

  1. That is one of the most meaningful reports from the council chamber I have heard for many moons. Perhaps a lot more residents will be enthused and participate in City affairs, then get the urge to assist a serious council in getting things done amicably and sensibly. A great effort!

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