Former attorney Coment comments on City Attorney selection

Editor’s note: This comment from Coment is on the site, but everyone should read it, including City Council members.

Recently retired City Attorney Wayne Coment
Wayne Coment

Milt, your comment actually made me chuckle a bit: “You may have seen him out for dinner or at a charity event, or shopping at Publix (okay, that may be a stretch).” Because it’s not a “stretch” at all. This recently retired City Attorney was indeed often seen out and chatted with many local citizens at dinner, local events, and yes, even while shopping at Publix! I happen to have a few years personal knowledge of what is involved in operation of the Vero Beach City Attorney’s Office and the level and diversity of services required to be provided for the City organization and help each department successfully accomplish its mission. Living in and being “invested” in the City and community served gives one an overwhelming advantage in knowledge of the organization, the community, the people, the needs to be addressed, and much more. While all attorneys are obligated and expected to consider the client’s needs first, when that client is a municipal corporation, having that special connection to and investment in the community multiplies that allegiance many fold.

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