Vero Beach Art Village gets crowd for fundraiser


Vero Beach Art Village Supporters (L to R) Mark Wygonik, Elfie Diamond, Ross Power, Ginny Piech Street and Quentin Walter.

Edgewood neighborhood residents and community supporters turned out last night for a Cultural Council fundraiser at Ono Luau to benefit the continued development of the Vero Beach Art Village.

Cultural Council Executive Director Barbara Hoffman told those gathered “our vision of establishing a thriving art village in the historic downtown neighborhood of Edgewood is coming close to being a reality” She said funds raised at the event would be used to pay costs associated with an upcoming request for zoning changes related to the project and the establishment of a neighborhood association.

Vero Beach Planning Director Jason Jeffries outlined the upcoming process to develop a zoning district overlay for the proposed Village.  This six-month process will include neighborhood meetings, planning and zoning workshops in the neighborhood as well as public hearings and presentations before the Vero Beach City Council.

Local community members have been working together for several years to make the Art Village vision a reality developing a detailed plan for its development that has been adopted by the City Council and incorporated into the city’s Comprehensive Plan.  Under the proposal, artists will have the opportunity to live, work and sell their art in home studios.  These studios will also be supported by cafes, bed and breakfast lodging, and other small businesses related to the arts.  The Art Village at Edgewood reflects principles of retrofitting rather than redevelopment – preserving structures, street layouts, and motifs that are an important part of Vero’s heritage and sense of place.  There will be no increase in neighborhood density.

For more information about the proposed Art Village and how to support it, call the Cultural Council at 772.770.4857.

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