Joe Graves to resign from City Council


Joe Graves at a recent City Council meeting

City Councilman Joe Graves has announced his resignation on Facebook, effective at next Tuesday’s meeting.

Here are some excerpts from his post:

“I thought I could make a difference. However, the personal toll has proved to be too much. The comments I have received and the inaccurate media coverage is hurtful especially when there is no effort to determine the true facts. I know the vast majority supports me but my family reads this stuff.”

“Running for City Council was never about me, I truly wanted to help. We have a new son coming this summer. I still deal every day with the loss of Jimmy. When reflecting upon all this, I have decided to resign from City Council and will be tendering my resignation at the next meeting which is Tuesday.”

“I can make a difference just in a different way. Love you all.”


One comment

  1. I couldn’t be happier that I have had a part in letting Vero go to the dogs. If they have not already expressed their appreciation, I’m sure they will make no bones about it .

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