Fake currency found in Fellsmere


On Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at approximately 10:30 PM, two officers on patrol in the Whispering Pines sub-division were flagged down by a resident regarding “fake money” found in the area. The resident showed the officers eight $5.00 bills they found by a dumpster near 10076 Esperanza Circle.

The bills looked very much like real currency except all had identical serial numbers and the words “Motion Picture Use” and “For Motion Picture Use Only” clearly printed on the bills. The officers made several businesses that were open at the time, aware of the fake currency so they would not be victimized.  The Fellsmere Police Department has not received any reports of these bills being passed in the City of Fellsmere as of the writing of this press release. The bills were retained as found property.

This information is being shared with our community as a crime prevention measure and anyone who comes in contact with this or similar bills under criminal circumstances is asked to report that contact to law enforcement.


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